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Samaris - Viltu Vitrast

"Samaris mix glacial electronica and bold, percussive beats with haunting chant-like vocals - the lyrics culled from nineteenth century Icelandic poems. Viltu Vitrast retells an Icelandic folk tale about villages who ask for help from a supernal being, but worry it will choose not to manifest its power on Earth."

Sin Fang - Lose Your Heart And It’s Found

I love understated Sin Fang

Lockerbie - Heim

The Lovely Lion - Into The Forest

Ásgeir - Going Home

Mammút - Salt

Valdimar - Andartak

Ylja - Á Rauðum Sandi

Ásgeir Trausti - Leyndarmál

Lay Low - Horfið

Boogie Trouble - Gin og greip

Krummi - Broken Clock

Úlfur - Black Shore

Lay Low - The Backbone